Precious Metals

Platinum, 18 carat yellow gold, 18 ct white gold, 9 carat gold. 18 ct rose gold and 18 ct red gold alloys also supplied to order.


Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold, more valuable, heavier and whiter, than white gold. Also surpassing gold in strength.

With its exceptional value and strength, there are considerable demands on the jewellers’ skill and technique honed over many years. Manufacture needs to be exactly right first time. Bonded metal joints need to perfectly fit to give strength. Finally, superb finishing and polishing skills to impart a highly reflective metal surface.

Mark Sokolich has considerable experience in working in Platinum, and can supply any design as required. Chose Platinum jewellery for the following reasons:-

You need an exceptionally strong and durable ring. Can be useful if you do heavy trade work, or play sport, or like to wear jewellery all the time.

Want the confidence that Platinum’s strength tightly supports and encases a valuable gem, set into any variety of styles, claw, bezel, rub over…

Need a fine excellent gemstone to be showcased in a platinum setting. The brightness and whiteness of the metal giving the gemstone light reflecting qualities i.e Sapphire Blue, White diamond, Ruby Red, Emerald Green…

Need a metal that is hypoallergenic, suiting sensitive skin, and doesn’t tarnish or wear easily

Want to use a metal that is increasingly associated with luxury, celebrity choice, rarity, wealth and status

Prefer a ring that will appreciate in value, made from a rare and finite resource that is increasingly in demand, and popularity worldwide.

If you require exceptionally high quality Platinum jewellery, for your most beautiful and valuable gemstone, contact Mark to discuss your specific requirements.

9 ct - 18 ct Gold  

Mark Sokolich as an experienced Goldsmith, works primarily in 18 ct white, yellow and rose gold, and sometimes 9ct gold.

Gold has the advantage of being available in different shades, and carats and is the most versatile metal for jewellery design.


It is possible to mix gold colours into stunning bimetallic pieces, as well as creating a wide range of other styles, traditional or contempory. Gold never goes out of fashion, 18 carat being the most popular choice for bridal jewellery, durable, tarnish free, and luxurious, and a warm colour against all skin tones.


Sterling Silver

Where clients wish, Mark Sokolich can create special unique items in sterling silver, a bright white metal.

Silver can be a masculine choice-men place a high value on heavy silver jewellery, cufflinks, tie bars, id bracelets and heavy chain bracelets and necklaces, signet rings, medallions, trophies. A large heavy piece of silver jewellery custom made for a man, can make a great gift.

Gifts for baby in silverware, baby bracelets, spoon knife and fork sets and small charms and pendants.

Mark can advise and assist clients in repolishing and restoration work on tarnished or damaged antique silverware items.






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