Service Quality

Service Standard

To strive to provide customers with courteous, confidential, reliable and professional service.

All jewellery that is supplied is made to a high standard, with on time delivery, to budget and according to the agreed design, as negotiated.

To have business ethics.



Uphold the tradition and integrity of the jewellery industry, and conduct business in a manner that is a credit to the jewellery trade.

Render service based on the highest standard, and protect the public from any form of faulty workmanship or design.

To not be associated with misleading statements or misleading advertising.
To value support and confidence of the public as the utmost importance.
Clearly set out in writing the basis on which and the price of any goods and services will be supplied and give a writing copy to customers before undertaking sale or service. To advise customers promptly if any changes to specification or costs, and to obtain their agreement of these.
To provide excellent customer service - supply goods on time, to budget, and to specification, according to the written quote and drawings.
To offer customers a safe, relaxed, non pressured environment to purchase with a no obligation - free quote.
Remedy promptly and equitably any genuine cause for dissatisfaction, honouring to the fullest all guarantees or undertakings given as to quality or service, and resolve the complaint through direct discussion, or submit to arbitration, and will abide by results of arbitration.
Only issue quotations, valuations reports or opinions that are accurate, impartially made, and based on established practice.
To strive to utilize other subcontractors and suppliers, who trade ethically, professionally, and with integrity.
To comply with NZ Fair Trading and Consumer Guarantees Act and other applicable NZ laws.


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